Trend Micro Internet Security
  • Get Started

    Before downloading Trend Micro Internet Security , you first need the Trend Micro Downloader to help ensure a smooth installation.



  • Just click "Run"

    When asked if you want to run or save the file, click the "Run" button.

    If a window like the one shown did not appear, click here to download the product manually.

  • Begin downloading Trend Micro Internet Security

    After confirming that your computer meets the installation requirements, the Trend Micro Internet Security installation program will begin to download.

    You can recover from interruptions by clicking the downloader icon on your desktop.

    After you finish downloading the software, installation of Trend Micro Internet Security will begin automatically.

  • Important notes:

    Check the installation requirements before downloading. Click here for help in checking if this computer meets the requirements.

    If unable to download using the button above, click here to download the product manually.

    Upgrading from an earlier version?
    Please make sure to select the same language as your current installation. If you installed the software on more than one computer, then you must completely finish upgrading the original installation before starting on the others.