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Trend Micro Toolbar FAQ

Version 1.2


What is the Trend Micro Toolbar?

The Trend Micro Toolbar included with Trend Micro Internet Security Pro works with your web browser and instant messaging software. The toolbar warns you about any security risks associated with your wireless network connection, websites visited, and links received via email or while chatting. The toolbar can also encrypt what you type into websites to prevent keyloggers (malicious software that can monitor your keystrokes) from obtaining personal information like passwords and credit card numbers.

How can the Trend Micro Toolbar protect my computer from viruses and other threats?

The Trend Micro Toolbar works automatically behind the scenes by monitoring websites and instant messages for threats. A page rating icon appears in the toolbar for every website that you access and next to links listed in Google, MSN, and Yahoo! search results.

Can the Trend Micro Toolbar rate any links that result from an online search?

The Trend Micro Toolbar Page Rating feature can only check for security risks in Google, MSN, and Yahoo! search results. Using a search engine assistant, such as Surf Canyon, will prevent this feature from working properly.

What should I do if the Trend Micro Toolbar identifies a website as Dangerous?

The icon indicates a dangerous website that you should avoid. Immediately go to a different website, or else close the browser window or tab.

What should I do if the Trend Micro Toolbar identifies my wireless network as Uncertain or Dangerous?

The Trend Micro Toolbar identifies "open" wireless networks (not protected by a password or key) as Uncertain. Networks without a trusted certificate are rated as Dangerous. If you send personal information (like an email password or credit card number) to a website while connected to an Uncertain or Dangerous network, a hacker "sniffing" the network could capture what you typed.

Can I safely send encrypted personal information to a website even if the Trend Micro Toolbar identifies the network as Uncertain or Dangerous?

No. Encrypting your personal information offers some protection, but sophisticated hackers could still intercept and decode it.

Can I encrypt information sent through instant messaging software?

No, you cannot encrypt what you type into instant messaging software. You should never send personal information like credit card numbers through an instant messaging window, even if connected to a safe network.

For some reason I can't open the Trend Micro Toolbar help page. What went wrong?

If you have installed the AIM Toolbar, clicking the Settings icon and then removing the mark next to Block Popup Windows should solve this problem.

Who can use the Trend Micro Toolbar?

Anyone can use the Trend Micro Toolbar after successfully installing Trend Micro Internet Security Pro.

Which web browsers and instant messaging software works with the Trend Micro Toolbar?


Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0 and 7.0
Mozilla® Firefox 2.0 and 3.0

Instant messaging software:

America Online® Instant Messenger (AIM® version 6.8)
Skype™ Chat (versions 3.6 and 3.8)
Yahoo!® Instant Messenger (versions 8.0 and 9.0)
Windows Live™ Messenger (versions 8.1 and 8.5)

How do I uninstall the Trend Micro Toolbar?

Click the Pro Features button on the main console of Trend Micro Internet Security Pro to open the Pro Features Navigator. Click Manage Features, then mark the Trend Micro Toolbar checkbox and click Remove to uninstall the toolbar.

Can I get technical support for the toolbar?

The technical support provided for Trend Micro Internet Security Pro also covers the Trend Micro Toolbar. Before contacting technical support, you may want to check the following resources:

  • Knowledge Base—This searchable database covers a wide variety of real-world problems encountered by Trend Micro customers.

  • Virus Encyclopedia—This database provides information about all sorts of malicious software and other security threats to help you resolve security concerns.